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Cargo transportation from / to Uzbekistan via Georgia

Cargo transportation from / to Uzbekistan via Georgia

In the Republic of Uzbekistan all types of transport systems are developed. The least developed of them is the branch of maritime transport. The country has no direct access to the oceans, and maritime transport moves along river ports.

In Uzbekistan, the highways have a great length (over 183 thousand kilometers). Despite such a long road network, the bulk of the freight traffic is rail transportation (approximately 90%).

Also in the country is well developed air transport, which provides cargo and passenger flights.

In general, the transport system of the Republic of Uzbekistan is developed at a high level. Due to this, it is possible to carry out good cargo turnover both within the state and in various international directions.

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC is always happy to provide its quality service. We transport a cargo transportation of various products and cars.

Delivery of goods from Georgia is made by a clear algorithm. Our experts agree with you all the nuances of future dispatch. We specify everything to the smallest detail - the dimensions of the cargo, its range, weight, desired delivery time.

Further, based on the information received, our company will provide you with the most appropriate route. The choice of vehicle also depends on the characteristics of the development of transport areas of the supplier’s country, consumer’s country and transit countries.

We carry cargo from Georgia "turnkey". That is, all contractual obligations we undertake. Documentation of the load and safety of products on the road also falls on our shoulders.

Cargo transportation from / to Uzbekistan via Georgia provides for cargo insurance service. This is necessary in order to protect you from unforeseen circumstances related to the peculiarities of the roads or other force majeure situations.

Customs clearance of products is also an important stage of any cargo transportation. After all, it depends on how quickly your order will be delivered. Our customs brokers will take care of this.

Georgia in these goods is a transit state. Therefore, we understand well how important it is to properly arrange the necessary documentation and carry out customs clearance, to choose the right way of transportation.

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