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Container transportation of goods from the UAE

Container transportation of goods from the UAE

Products from the UAE attract many businessmen around the world. Such products are of excellent quality and relatively affordable prices. For the transportation of Arab goods resorted to the help of professional transport companies.

Among the most popular goods can be identified jewelry, ceramics, clothing, and many other products. Also in the list of products in demand includes foreign cars from world famous brands.

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC is pleased to provide you with our services. We accept goods from the Emirates and ship them to some CIS countries, such as Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan. We carry out these transportations through the territory of Georgia.

Container transportation of goods from the UAE makes it easier to deliver and save on time and transportation costs. This delivery method is very convenient for both the customer and us. Using this method of transportation, you can use multimodal shipping. They allow you to deliver the goods exactly the type of transport that is available in the country of the supplier or the country of the recipient.

Cargo delivery from Georgia includes a full package of services, ranging from clearance of goods at customs control and ending with delivery to the final destination.

Our experts from the logistics department will select for you the most optimal route direction, the mode of transport for transportation in containers.

Cargo transportation from Georgia is a reliable way to deliver products from the United Arab Emirates in the right direction. We guarantee the safety of your cargo, as we provide insurance services in case of unforeseen circumstances on the way.

Transport your cargo in containers. This approach will protect your products from deformation and damage in transit. In addition, you will not need to worry about the fact that during transshipment works, the goods will be lost somewhere. All containers are sealed and opened only in front of the recipient.

We carry out container shipping and turnkey Arab Emirates. You should not worry about how your products will be shipped through Georgia. Our experts will produce all the necessary documentation and customs clearance procedures. And the containers themselves with your orders will be insured.

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