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Cargo transportation from / to Turkmenistan via Georgia

Cargo transportation from / to Turkmenistan via Georgia

The transport system of Turkmenistan is quite developed. At the moment it continues to be improved and reconstructed.

Despite the fact that in this country there are no electrified railways, the railways play a huge role in the development of trade and economic relations with other states.

Highways of Turkmenistan are important for the development of the country as a whole. Therefore, in the coming years, the government plans to complete the construction of a new highway.

The sea transport of Turkmenistan is represented by three seaports. Thanks to the waterways, the products of the national economy are delivered. Railway and rail-car ferries make delivery of railway trains and cars.

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC is pleased to offer you our transportation services. We ship products of any complexity. Cargo delivery from Georgia is carried out according to a well-established scheme. First, we agree with you all the nuances of the cargo, the distance of transportation, the desired delivery time. Then - we offer you the most convenient and profitable route and method of transportation.

Shipping from Georgia includes a number of other services that are not so easy to carry out on their own. We prepare all the necessary documentation for the cargo, insure your order and carry out all the necessary procedures for customs clearance.

Cargo transportation from / to Turkmenistan via Georgia is carried out in full compliance with our agreements. Georgia in this agreement acts as a transit country. We will help you to go through all customs litigation for the crossing of cargo across the border.

Turning to our company, you get a lot of advantages. Among them - competent selection of the route direction, the provision of a vehicle with the subsequent provision of loading and unloading services. Depending on what exactly you need to deliver, we will offer you the best way of transportation. Also, our logisticians are pleased to offer you the option of multimodal shipments. So you also save your time.

We approach your orders responsibly. Therefore, the safety of your goods on the road can not worry. Our company will insure your shipment. In addition, you can independently track - at what stage of delivery is your order.

Transport cargo correctly, safely and quickly with our transport company!

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