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Trucking from / to Georgia

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EMD Trade & Logistics LLC provides cargo transportation from Georgia to the CIS countries (namely, to Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan).

Cargo delivery from Georgia by road is considered the most popular. Especially within the country. This method of transportation can also be combined with other types of delivery (rail, sea).

Cargo transportation from Georgia by road is considered the fastest compared to alternative delivery methods (by sea and railway).

Trucking from / to Georgia have their own characteristics. It is necessary to know all the routes well, to be able to correctly declare the cargo and to clear it customs.

Our company will help you to deliver your order both on the territory of Georgia and abroad. We take care of all organizational litigation and shipping troubles.

You will not need to worry about how to properly arrange the goods, to carry it across the border of another state. These and other tasks are the responsibility of our company.

Our logistics department will competently develop a route for your order. Indeed, in Georgia there are certain restrictions on the transport of goods of large tonnage. Based on the characteristics of your order, we will provide you and the vehicle.

Our company works promptly and smoothly. We take into account all the features of motorways of Georgia and the CIS countries. We also remember that certain groups of goods require special storage and careful delivery.

To prevent all kinds of risks along the way, we suggest that you insure your cargo. So you will be compensated for damage in case of unforeseen circumstances on the way.

Customs clearance of products also requires certain knowledge and skills. But you also should not think about it. We know how to pass the customs control correctly and transport your order across the border.

Your cargo will be in absolute safety, because our specialists accompany your goods on the way. And you will be able to independently track at what stage of delivery is your cargo.

Contact us for trucking services. We will deliver your order as quickly and safely as possible. Our team works on a turnkey basis.

We transport almost any goods in Georgia and abroad! We are waiting for your orders!

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