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Container shipping from / to Georgia

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Container shipping accounts for more than 80% of global cargo turnover. Such delivery has a lot of advantages, so our customers prefer it.

We transport your orders in this way both within the country and from Georgia to the CIS countries (to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan).

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC uses various types of transport (road, rail, sea), as well as their combinations for the transportation of goods of various markings, volume and dimensions. With such freight, you can easily transport products weighing several tons.

Delivery of goods from Georgia to the CIS countries occurs in closed containers. They are sealed after acceptance at the starting point and printed out before the recipient at the final point of delivery. This approach guarantees high reliability during transportation and time saving during loading and reloading at transshipment points.

We carry cargo from Georgia "turnkey". That is, you should not worry about any points of an organizational or transportation nature.

Container shipments from / to Georgia from our company allow us to transport various products. We use additional fastening systems for the careful delivery of your goods. For some cargoes, it is advisable to use refrigerated containers, for others - closed or open type.

Pleasant features of transportation of goods using containers can also be called their efficiency.

Our team takes absolute responsibility for the safety of your goods. You can control the movement of your cargo on the way.

Speaking about the method of delivery of goods by containers, the most popular in Georgia this year are cargo transportation by railway. This type of delivery can be combined with other modes of transport.

For the transportation of cargo dimensions of several tens of tons, you should think about sea freight. This is due to the fact that the roads of Georgia and some CIS countries have restrictions on the transported tonnage along the highways.

Container shipping is a reliable way to deliver your goods from Georgia to the CIS countries.

Contact our company for help. We will insure, document your cargo, make the necessary customs clearance and escort your goods on the road.

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