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Cargo transportation from / to Tajikistan through Georgia

Cargo transportation from / to Tajikistan through Georgia

The Republic of Tajikistan has three types of transport infrastructure - highways, railway connections, sea transport. Of these branches, motor transport is considered the most strategically important. Railway lines mainly carry out externally republican trade and economic relations.

Tajikistan is a good transit state, despite the fact that the transport infrastructure is not at the highest level. In recent years, the government has allocated its funds for the expansion of sea, road and rail transit corridors. This approach contributes to the speedy introduction of the country to a new level of development.

Transport company EMD Trade & Logistics LLC acts as a kind of assistant in the development of trade and economic relations of Tajikistan with neighboring countries.

Delivery of goods from Georgia is carried out according to a well-coordinated scheme. At the stage of consulting with our customers, we clarify all the details of your order - the name of the product, its characteristics, features of the proposed route, the level of development of the transport system of transit countries and countries of suppliers, the state of the customer.

Freight shipments from Georgia act as a link in the transportation of goods from or to Tajikistan.

We will help you to deliver almost any cargo, including large goods and cars.

Freight transportation from / to Tajikistan through Georgia from our company is a guarantee of your confidence in safe, prompt delivery. These are minimal risks on the way, an opportunity to save your transport and temporary resources.

Our team will advise you on any matter, offer all sorts of transportation options - by road, train or sea. You can choose multimodal shipments or delivery of cargo in containers from the economy options of transportation.

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC insures your goods at the stage of processing contractual agreements. Therefore, you can be sure of the security of the transaction. Moreover, on the way of freight of international importance, difficulties arise with the customs clearance of cargo. But our team can do these tasks! We will independently file a tax return for your shipment and perform all the necessary procedures.

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