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Shipping from / to Georgia

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Freight transport by sea has several significant advantages. Among them - prompt delivery, the ability to transport cargo from 50 kg to several tons, saving transportation means.

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC provides delivery of various goods from the ports of Georgia, as well as to the ports of Georgia from the CIS countries. We transport products to countries such as the Republic of Kazakhstan, Turkestan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan.

Delivery of goods from Georgia to the CIS countries allows you to combine several vehicles simultaneously - with road and / or railway delivery. This possibility is provided by the use of special containers of covered and closed types. With their help, loaders can put your cargo on ships and deliver in the right direction.

Cargo transportation from Georgia from our transport company is the key to successful delivery of any consignment. At the same time, the transportation speed and transportation safety are high.

Sea freight from / to Georgia is carried out through seaports. We use special containers for the transport of goods of any item, be it oversized, perishable or other goods.

Our team works responsibly at every stage of transportation. We develop a clear scheme of interaction with our customers, while we own all the necessary business, transport and other resources.

Ordering sea freight, you significantly save your time and money. After all, the logistics method of transshipment of goods in containers allows you to combine various vehicles. At the same time you can be absolutely sure about the safety of your products. For each type of cargo we use special containers, including refrigerators.

Our company works closely with tax and insurance services. Insurance services we provide you at the stage of the conclusion of the shipping transaction. And we undertake all customs litigation.

Sea transportation is always carried out under the expedition of our specialists, and we also carry out the documentation of your products.

Our team will develop an individual route for you, provide a full range of transportation services, including a cargo storage service in the ports of Georgia. You will be able to track the delivery of your goods.

Order shipping shipping from Georgia and to Georgia with us! We guarantee high reliability of our services and prompt delivery.

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