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Railway transportation

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Transportation of goods by railways is simple in design and relatively low cost. Such delivery can be easily combined with other types of freight. For this we use containers.

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC carries a variety of cargoes, including oversized and oversized cargo. We deliver products from Georgian railway stations to CIS countries (such as the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan).

Delivery of goods from Georgia by rail connections occurs with the use of cars, gondolas. We transport both domestically and transport products to countries with which we cooperate.

For the safety of transportation, we seal the containers and provide freight forwarding. Depending on the product range, we use different cars - open, closed and semi-closed type.

We carry out cargo transportation from Georgia according to a clear algorithm. The employees of our logistics department specify all the features of your cargo (weight, dimensions, nomenclature), the necessary delivery times, and the available budget. Then we make a route. Further, our company will select for you the best type of transport and container for transportation.

Railway transportation from / to Georgia from our company also includes insurance services, customs clearance, preparation of the necessary documents for the cargo. You can track - how your item is delivered.

A pleasant feature of rail transportation is the ability to combine such delivery with other modes of transport. So you will provide maximum ease of transportation.

When ordering delivery of your products by railways, you also ensure high reliability of transportation, reasonable prices for services, relatively high speed of delivery, good capacity.

All organizational efforts on the freight transportation are taken over by our professional team. You can easily deliver the goods of various nomenclature, both within Georgia and beyond.

Contact our transport company for help. We guarantee you a high service level, security of the transaction, transparency of the crossing route (delivery monitoring), low prices.

Transport your products by railway connections of Georgia with us!

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