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Multimodal transportation from / to Georgia

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The company EMD Trade & Logistics LLC is engaged in cargo transportation and delivery of cars in Georgia, as well as from Georgia in some CIS countries (namely: Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan).

We carry out domestic and international transport taking into account some factors. These include: delivery distance, cargo features (name, dimensions, tonnage / weight, cargo specificity (fragile, perishable, etc.), features of the transportation system of the country to which they will be delivered.

We carry out cargo transportation from Georgia under the careful control of our specialists. The company's logistics center will determine on which vehicle your product will be delivered, select the route direction.

Multimodal transportation from / to Georgia is considered the best choice. After all, you can combine several types of transportation. This is very convenient when, for example, in one of the countries one of the branches of the transport system is not developed. Also, such transportation is convenient because it allows you to save your time and money by optimizing the transportation process.

Delivery of goods from Georgia in a multimodal way involves the use of special containers. This, moreover, is an additional safety of your goods, because such constructions are sealed when shipped and are opened only in front of the recipient before issuing the cargo.

The advantages of multi-model transportation in Georgia can also be called the optimal cost of delivery. Besides, not everywhere in the country motorways correspond to the norm. Therefore, the combined transport of cargo just save our customers from unforeseen circumstances on the road.

Multimodal delivery, of course, has a lot of positives. It is also used when, in connection with the excess tonnage of cargo, it is impossible to drive on highways, and in another way it is quite acceptable.

Contact our transport company for help. We will help you to transport your cargo in Georgia, as well as from Georgia to the CIS countries. Our company will insure your goods, perform customs clearance, and provide a range of additional services.

Multimodal shipping - it saves your budget, the availability of transportation, the safety of your cargo on the way!

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