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Cargo transportation from / to Kazakhstan via Georgia

Cargo transportation from / to Kazakhstan via Georgia

All branches of the road infrastructure are developed in Kazakhstan - the railway network, highways, water transport.

The most significant role in the development of international relations is played by the railways. They provide up to 70% of the transportation of various products from the entire freight turnover of the country.

Speaking of road transport, it can be noted that five strategically important international routes pass through the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Water transport occupies no less important positions in the development of trade and economic relations with neighboring countries.

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC transports goods passing through the territory of Georgia. We deliver products of any nomenclature and volume. Including cars.

Our transport company organizes the delivery of goods of any level of complexity. We are not afraid of the possible risks in transit, the complexity of customs clearance and other nuances of international transportation.

Delivery of goods from Georgia is carried out in several stages. It begins with competent consultation of our clients. During the conversation with you, we find out all the nuances of your order - the weight and dimensions of the cargo, the length of the route, the presence or absence of a particular type of transport from supplier countries and recipient countries, transit countries. You can also combine several types of transportation. For example, sea and rail. It will save your time and transportation costs.

We carefully develop cargo transportations from Georgia, taking into account your requests and the legal framework for the transportation of transit products.

Cargo transportation from / to Kazakhstan via Georgia will be absolutely simple for you. After all, we undertake all obligations for the delivery and safety of your cargo.

Our logistics department staff will select the best mode of transport for your order and make a convenient route. We guarantee you the safety of products during transportation. So that you do not doubt it, we will insure your shipment without fail.

Submission of a customs declaration is an important component of any cargo transportation. And this procedure can be quite problematic for you if you do not have certain skills and knowledge in the procedure of customs clearance of products. We ourselves will perform all customs procedures.

Contact our transport company for help. We will help you at all stages of transportation of your cargo. Carry out international shipping with us!

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