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International transport from / to Georgia

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The company EMD Trade & Logistics LLC is engaged in cargo transportation and delivery of cars in Georgia, as well as between some CIS countries. In particular, with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan.

We work according to a well-established scheme and engage customs services, insurance companies and other organizations. Close cooperation with our partners guarantees high quality of service, prompt delivery, responsible attitude to your orders at every stage of cooperation.

Delivery of goods from Georgia is carried out in several ways - by motorways, railway connections, sea routes. The choice of a particular type of transportation depends on the particular road infrastructure of the country in which we will transport cargo.

Logistics specialists carefully study all the features of your order, select the most acceptable method of delivery, route.

Shipping from Georgia to international destinations are carried out with a clear understanding of all responsibilities. After all, working with other countries is not so easy. Each state has its own mentality and its own peculiarities of the legislative base in relation to trade and economic relations.

Only our customers have nothing to worry about. All organizational and transportation obligations for your orders are within our competence.

International carriages from / to Georgia entail certain risks associated with the poor condition of motorways or railways. Other contingencies on the road are also possible. In this case, we provide insurance services. Your goods will be insured, and during transportation the order can be tracked.

Shipping of international importance is also complicated by such nuances as the dimensions of the cargo, its tonnage. In some countries, the carriage of products that exceed the permissible mass rate is prohibited at the legislative level. Also important is the method of delivery. Not every country has one or another road branch developed at the proper level, or it is completely absent.

Contact our transport company! We will help you to deliver your order, regardless of the chosen direction, tonnage of cargo, its nomenclature. Our company will insure, conduct the necessary manipulations with the preparation of documentation for the goods and customs clearance at the borders of the states.

Entrust your international cargo transportation to us!

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