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Customs clearance

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EMD Trade & Logistics LLC is engaged in cargo transportation and delivery of cars in Georgia and with some of the partner countries from the CIS (especially: Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan).

These states have their own transport infrastructure. Also an important factor in trade, economic and transport relations is the customs service.

Often the process of delivery of any goods may be complicated by customs litigation. Cargo delivery from Georgia provides for close cooperation with customs services. In this matter it is necessary to approach the law correctly. After all, filling out documentation for the registration and clearance of cargo for individuals and legal entities is different. It also affects the process of customs clearance and the nomenclature of the product itself.

We carry out cargo transportation from Georgia taking into account all the necessary registration procedures at the crossed borders of importing and exporting countries.

Customs clearance includes the filing of a declaration. During this procedure, all the details and form are checked, the encoding is monitored. The following is the procedure of checking the control of currency, the solvency of the customer.

The controlling customs body checks for any customs debts. Then you need to pay customs duty. As a result, the goods undergo customs clearance and are once again checked for compliance with the preceding paragraphs.

As you can see, we face a difficult task. Moreover, the legislative base of Georgia and partner countries changes from time to time, it is necessary to clearly know what to prepare for when carrying cargo across the border.

But you, our customers, do not think about it! This question will be solved by our customs brokers. We know all the details of cooperation with the customs services. Therefore, we try to go through this stage of transportation as quickly as possible.

Entrust the customs clearance of your cargo to our transport company. We take care of the timely filing of the declaration and deliver your products in the best possible way!

Seek qualified assistance from EMD Trade & Logistics LLC! If you have any questions, feel free to ask our managers!

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