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Container transportation of goods from China

Container transportation of goods from China

Freight transport of goods in containers are in special demand around the world. Such types of transportation have a lot of advantages over other types of transportation, and therefore gained such popularity.

The company EMD Trade & Logistics LLC works with a cargo transportation of goods of any range, including cars.

Chinese products are incredibly popular in different parts of the world. Practically everything that we used to use in everyday life - household goods, clothing, jewelry, dishes, toys and much more, is being transported from the Celestial Empire.

We take shipments from China and ship them using covered and half-covered containers to some CIS countries. Namely - in Turkmenistan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. We carry out these transportation operations through the territory of Georgia.

What is so attractive cargo transportation of Chinese products in containers? First, is the volume of goods transported. They can be transported in large size. You can also use the service of consolidated cargo and save on shipping costs.

Cargo delivery from Georgia is carried out according to a well-coordinated algorithm. Our logistics department will select the necessary container for your freight and legally arrange the cargo. We will select the most optimal route list for your shipping operations.

You can entrust cargo transportation from Georgia to our specialists. We have an excellent base of vehicles and connections with customs and insurance services.

Container transportation of goods from China saves time and money. So, you can shorten the period of product delivery due to loading and transshipment operations. The cargo is sealed in a container at the starting point of shipment and opened only at the final point of delivery. At the same time the container itself for transportation is sealed and is in this condition throughout the entire trip.

Transportation of Chinese products in containers is also facilitated by the fact that various means of transport can be used - sea, rail, road. This is very convenient when, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the country's transport system, there is no possibility to deliver the cargo along certain routes.

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