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Delivery of cars from / to Georgia

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Buying a car is a pretty demanding task. After all, transport costs a lot of money. And what if you decide to buy a car in another country? Here there are a lot of pitfalls. On the one hand - how to go for this purchase, on the other - how to ship a new transport through transit borders?

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC will answer all these questions! Cargo delivery from Georgia is made by our experienced specialists. We take full responsibility for the delivery of your car.

Our company transports cars from Georgia to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Armenia. We also bring cars from these countries to Georgia.

In whatever direction your order is carried out, you can be absolutely sure that your new transport will arrive at the correct address in its entirety and safety.

Shipping from Georgia includes a full package of organizational, shipping and transportation services. We ourselves will load and unload your car at the ferry sites, provide specialized transport for reliable cargo transportation, and arrange all the necessary documentation.

Delivery of cars from / to Georgia also involves careful development of the route. The logists of our company take into account all the features of the transport infrastructure of transit countries and the country to which they will deliver your car.

Our customers do not worry about how to properly document their new transport. We will do everything for you!

Your car can be transported as one of the modes of transport (sea, road, rail), and combine several vehicles (multimodal freight). In the second case, you significantly save your time and money. This is due to the optimally chosen route.

So, you decided to buy a new transport in Georgia or in one of the CIS countries (which are included in the list of our partner countries). Now you can go to the main part of our mission - to ensure the complete safety of the car on the way.

Whatever the highly professional organization of transportation, but still force majeure may occur from time to time. To protect your purchase from surprises on the way, we will insure your car in one of the best insurance companies.

In addition to registration, insurance and delivery of the car, we also face the need for customs clearance of goods at the crossed borders. But you should not think about it! We will arrange everything according to modern requirements.

Buy and deliver cars without the risks and costs through our transport company!

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