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Cargo transportation from / to Azerbaijan through Georgia

Cargo transportation from / to Azerbaijan through Georgia

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC performs cargo transportation from Azerbaijan through Georgia. We help our clients to implement trade and economic agreements between Azerbaijan and other countries. And Georgia is a transit country in these shipments. We deliver various products, including cars.

Cargo delivery from Georgia is carried out by all types of transport - road, rail, sea. The most popular freight traffic is shipments by railways. Along the highways, it is not possible to transport bulky cargoes and large-tonnage trucks everywhere. But with the help of shipping you will be able to ship almost any product, regardless of weight and size.

Shipping from Georgia is carried out taking into account all regulatory requirements for the transportation of goods. We will develop a route for you, select a delivery method, arrange all the necessary documents for your products, insure your goods and ensure high-quality and reliable delivery.

In Azerbaijan, the length of railways is more than two thousand kilometers, half of which are electrified. Freight transportation of domestic and international importance is carried out on the highways. Sea transport is also well developed in Azerbaijan. The Freight service from / to Azerbaijan through Georgia allows the implementation of trade agreements with neighboring countries.

If we talk about the popularity of these or other means of transportation, then it is through the Azerbaijani railways that a greater number of freight traffic is made.

Turning to our company, you get a lot of advantages. We take into account all the nuances of your order. Your trust is important to us! Logistics department specialists will select a convenient route and delivery method for your transportation.

You should not worry also about how to get through customs registration of your cargo at the Georgian border. We will do everything ourselves! From the filing of the declaration of the goods to the export of your products to a subsequent destination.

In our company you can use the services of multimodal transport. This is the most convenient way, because you can save shipping costs and reduce the transportation process.

Services from the transport company EMD Trade & Logistics LLC - is the key to your successful business and the development of trade and economic relations with neighboring countries.

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