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Cargo transportation from / to Armenia through Georgia

Cargo transportation from / to Armenia through Georgia

The transport system of Armenia is represented by water, road and rail lines. The least sought-after, and, accordingly, poorly developed, is considered the marine type of transport sector. It is more designed for those who like to swim in the water (yachts, boats, boats). The strategic, economic sense of water transport does not bring Armenia.

But the railways are used both for domestic transportation of passengers and various cargoes, and for the implementation of interstate trade and economic relations. But, nevertheless, this sphere of the transport system is not sufficiently developed due to the peculiarities of the country's mountainous terrain.

Therefore, the government places the main stake on the development of the Republic of Armenia on the highways. Every year the construction of new autobahns is funded, giving new ways of developing trade and economic relations.

EMD Trade & Logistics LLC provides cargo transportation from Armenia across the borders of Georgia. In this case, the Georgian side acts as a transit link between the states adjacent to Armenia.

Cargo delivery from Georgia is carried out according to a clearly defined algorithm. First, you will work with our logistics department specialists. They will assist you in drawing up an acceptable route, taking into account the characteristics of the importing country and the exporting state.

Cargo transportation from Georgia includes transportation of products of various purposes, volume and dimensions. Including we transport cars.

Cargo transportation from / to Armenia through Georgia implies the execution of the necessary documentation for the cargo, customs clearance. Our team assumes all obligations for placing your order. We will take into account all your wishes, legally correctly arrange your shipment, file a customs declaration and carry out all the necessary procedures for customs clearance.

When transporting goods from the Republic of Armenia, certain risks are possible on the way. This may be due to some imperfections in the country's transport infrastructure. We will insure your cargo and you just have nothing to worry about!

Contact our transport company for help! We will take care of all litigation of processing, loading and other troubles. Our team works in an organized and responsible manner. This you can see for yourself!

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