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Transport company EMD Trade & Logistics LLC is engaged in transportation of goods and vehicles from Georgia to the CIS countries. We interact with Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Tajikistan, the Republic of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Cargo delivery from Georgia is carried out according to a well-established scheme. First, we agree on all the details of the order, then we offer the best way to transport.

The specialists of our logistics department take into account every single detail - the product range, the desired delivery time, and the client’s material capabilities. We are always happy to offer you economical options for transportation. This applies to transportation by railways.

You can also save your money and time if you order the service of multimodal transportation. Optimization of means and time occurs due to reduction of time for loading and unloading goods in special containers.

Cargo transportation from Georgia is carried out by various types of transport - road, rail, sea. The most popular railway transportation. They constitute about 90% of the total turnover.

Sea connections are carried out transportation of goods in containers. This delivery method is convenient to combine with other modes of transport - road, rail.

Cargo transportation between Georgia and the CIS countries is growing every day. This suggests that you need our services. Close cooperation with the nearest countries is a guarantee of economic growth and the introduction of its products into a new sales market.

Our team will deliver your turnkey order to any of our strategic areas. If you are worried about the safety of the goods on the way - not worth it! We insure your goods.

Also, our customers do not need to worry about how to issue a cargo, to make customs clearance. We ourselves are engaged in paperwork.

Our company knows all the features of the road infrastructure of countries with which we work closely, so we will offer the most convenient, economical and safe way of transportation.

Our team consists of professionals who know how to deliver the goods to their destination within strictly agreed periods.

We are waiting for your application! Contact our company if you need to deliver a car or any other cargo. Your trust is our reward! Therefore, we do everything so that you become our regular customers!

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